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Washington Parish Sheriff’s Drug Task Force makes major arrest

Posted: Wednesday, October 2, 2019 | Views: 9430

Washington Parish Sheriff’s Drug Task Force makes major arrest

From the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office

On Monday, the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office drug task force detectives arrested a Bogalusa drug dealer who was in possession of a stolen firearm. With warrants for the drug dealer’s arrest, and a search warrant for his residence on Amy Street, detectives encountered Darius J. Dobson, 25, and took him into custody.

A search of the residence revealed illegal drugs, a stolen pistol, another pistol, multiple piles of ammunition, digital scales, drug paraphernalia and more than $1,800 cash which appeared to be proceeds from the sale of illegal drugs. Dobson was transported to the Washington Parish Jail where he was booked on drug and firearm charges. He remains in the jail with his bond set at $300,000.

This is Dobson’s third stay in the Washington Parish Jail for drug offenses during Sheriff Seal’s term of office. In 2017, he was arrested two times for drug and weapons offenses. For the first arrest, he remained in jail for two days before being released, and for the second arrest, his jail stay lasted almost five months.

“I clearly remember Dobson’s arrest in October 2017, when our drug task force detectives seized heroin, weapons and cash from him,” stated Sheriff Randy Seal. “At that time I stated that he did not deserve to roam free in society. I meant those words at that time and I stand by them today. If he had been locked away then as he should have been, he would not have been back on our streets selling drugs again. Combatting illegal drugs has always been a priority with me and it always will be. Illegal drugs are destroying the very fabric of our society and I will be relentless in directing our officers to continue to apply pressure to drug dealers throughout Washington Parish.”

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