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Tangipahoa aldermen lash out at mayor amid crisis

Posted: Thursday, October 1, 2020 | Views: 3651

Tangipahoa aldermen lash out at mayor amid crisis

Summary of Problems and Issues haunting the Village

Thank you for accepting to read this Summary of the number of Problems and Issues that The Village of Tangipahoa has been and are yet experiencing now and has been throughout this elected administration, 3.5 years.

The Village of Tangipahoa has an elected Mayor and 3 Aldermen, elected by the people to lead and govern the village, the people, its business and all of its needs. But,it being no secret to the village, all others who know anything about us and the many state offices that we have contacted,it is a known fact that the mayor has 0% communication with her aldermen. Absolutely no lines of communication- never at all. She does not attend meetings, she does not help with any of the town's problems and has made it known that she is finish with the Village of Tangipahoa, meaning to not ask her anything about the village and not about helping with anything. We all do feel that we have been deserted by the mayor. She is constantly on face book, with all sorts of rude comments and statements, directed toward the village aldermen. However, never have we as elected aldermen responded to any of her Facebook comments.

We, the aldermen have made calls after calls asking the State Offices for help, to at least come over and sit down with us to discuss the problems of the town and too the problems with even us, the elected officials. We need to know, as our citizens too, why the mayor of the village refuse to help with anything and why she is nelecting her elected duties as an elected mayor.
With the serious division between the mayor and the aldermen, it has and is yet causing damage and unsafe conditions for the citizens. Reason: The mayor has turned off many of the villagers water, yes, in the middle of this very serious Corona Virus Pandemic. This can cause a serious village spread of the virus. No water for familes to drink and keep household clean and sanitized, no water for the school children, no water for families to keep clothes washed and hands as well. The aldermen are very aware of the fact that all citizens must pay for utilities nused each month, but for the last 3.5 years, the mayor has overlooked the fact that all utilities must be paid each month. Aldermen has brought it to her attention several times in the past. So, why now!!!
The Village of Tangipahoa has many many problems and issues, but through them all, we, the aldermen have continued to work to perform our elected duties. We have held several meetings without the mayor and recently invited the auditor over twice, only to have the mayor send orders to the clerk, to not allow the aldermen to enter the building for another meering. The mayor gets an agenda, though she refuse to attend meetings.

Just to name a few of the Village's Issues;

Mayor has locked the aldermen out of city hall, including the auditor and citizens of the village. keeping them from holding a call meeting, just this past Tuesday.

Water shutoff to citizens in the mist of a pandemic,
not in compliance with with the clean water act, in that the village has not worked on trying to get it right. the village has been cited.

Old broken Sewer Lines

No Property Insurance for the village, since January 2020, did not know about until last Friday.

No Hired attorney for the village, since January 2020, aldermen has requested several times.
No yearly audit, mayor refused to meet with auditor.

Has hired 8 Village Clerks over the last 3.5 years to work at city hall. City hall has only 1 clerk's position. Clerks came and left, they could not get along with the mayor.

Mayor threaten to fire clerks for giving out information to the aldermen over the 3.5 years.

A Law Suit brought against each alderman, for working and performing elected duties, by the mayor's best friend, who is an attorney along with her daughter.

Aldermen have paid all attorney and court fees out of personal pockets so far, with the mayor refusing to hire an attorney to represent the issues of the village. Aldermen has so far been summons to court 4 times, 3 appearances in Amite, La and 1 appearance in New Orleans Court. Even today, we are preparing ourselves to be in the 5th circuit court soon. All because, the mayor's best friend and her daughter wants thre bar room to remain open until 4:00 am mornings, rather than closing at 2:00am mornings.

The Village can go on and on, but we are at a dead stand still and need help. Enough is Enough!We are tired and we are now coming to the media with our story. We believe that this is the only way now to bring the needed attention to the village and its problems.

We have asked all of the state offices to come and help us, with none coming. We have tired to no end trying to work with the mayor, and no kind of communication from her.

We thank you for taking the time to talk to us and we certainly do look forward to your visiting the Village of Tangipahoa, to ask questions about the problems and issues here.

Aldermen, The Village of Tangipahoa
Ricky Coleman, Mayor Pro-Tem---985-351-7409
Shelia Martin---------------985-415-2152
Debrah Cyprian------------985-514-6607

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