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Miller: Working together makes Tangi stronger

Posted: Saturday, April 4, 2020 | Views: 1967

Miller: Working together makes Tangi stronger

By: Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller

The last few weeks have been tough on our parish, but the heart of our people during times like this makes me proud to be your Tangipahoa Parish President.

Just as we have countless times before, when our community is in crisis, Tangipahoa residents go into action. Our people have taken on this latest challenge of COVID-19 and worked together to make our community stronger. From creating a new normal for our children who have been ripped from their routines to sharing what we have with those around us, our people have answered the call to be good neighbors and help all those we can at this time. We Move Here.

I have personally witnessed the goodness of our people. I’ve seen the local restauranteurs who brought meals to our first responders. I’ve watched neighbors collect meals for those who are shut in and cannot get out to purchase their own. For our part, Team Tangi secured the following items and distributed them to our fire departments, police departments, sheriff’s office and jail, as well as to the coroner’s office, the 3 hospitals and Options:

-300 boxes of latex gloves
-5,300 surgical masks
-7,000 N95 masks
-1,700 face masks
-2,000 isolation gowns
-1,000 Tyvek suits
-200 respirators with 300 filters
-300 pairs of goggles
-6 gallons of antibacterial soap
-292 containers of antiseptic wipes

It’s been an overwhelming effort, and I’m humbled by the spirit of generosity everyone is showing.

I’m often reminded of a something my parents and grandparents used to say: “Perhaps you were born for such a time as this.” Friends, I firmly believe that this crisis affords us an opportunity to live out our inner purpose. This is our time to shine, a time when we can bring hope to those who need it most.

As always, I am so honored to be your Parish President. I have no doubt that together we will make it through this.

Stay strong!
Stay positive!
Stay healthy!

Your Parish President, Robby Miller
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