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Happy Anniversary, Troop 8720

Posted: Tuesday, March 10, 2020 | Views: 1361

Among the first females in Scouting BSA are the girls of Abita Springs Louisiana Troop 8720.

One year ago the former Boy Scouts of America implement the magnanimous decision allowing girls to start their own troops. This paved the way for girls to learn and earn the exact same as the boys had for over a century.

Troop 8720 took the numbers as a salute to the brave Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8720. Veterans have always been among the bravest to lead the way in difficult times and VFW post 8720 of Abita Springs showed that even retired veterans have the bravery to lead the way, when its the right thing to do. By chartering the girls, it lead the way for our daughters and granddaughters to have the exact same opportunities as the boys. Since the girl troops are all girls, and the boy troops are all boys, nothing has changed for the boys. It simply allows the girls to have the exact same opportunities.

Troop 8720 has steadily increased in membership, quadrupling its membership in one year. Thanks to many volunteers that stepped up to lead the way like their first Scoutmaster Robert Lee, and the Veterans of the VFW post 8720.

In the past year the scouts have collectively earned many merit badges and progressed in the ranks. Their growth in leadership, adventure, citizenship, and sisterhood has been incredible. The opportunities to safely explore adventurous things we knew nothing about has been enlightening beyond belief. Personally for me: the bonding between father and daughter has been beyond anything I imagined. Thanks to Scouting BSA I am again bonding with my daughter, my teenaged daughter.

Happy Anniversary, Troop 8720!

By: Alvon Brumfield, Hammond
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