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Vial announces re-election bid for Council District 8

Posted: Wednesday, August 14, 2019 | Views: 920

Vial announces re-election bid for Council District 8

Tangipahoa Parish Councilman David Vial has announced that he will seek re-election to the District 8 seat.

His formal announcement reads as follows:

I would like to thank the citizens of Tangipahoa Parish and District #8 for allowing me to serve as your representative on the Parish Council for the last 8 years. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your District #8 Tangipahoa Parish Councilman It is time once again for you to choose your representative on the Tangipahoa Parish Council. I humbly ask for your continued support in my quest to improve the quality of life for all of the citizens in District 8 and in all of Tangipahoa Parish. As your elected representative, I have been and will always be readily available as my cell number has always been posted on the Tangipahoa Parish Web Site for the last 8 years.

I have been married to Debbie Dittmer Vial for 45 years and the father of 3 children and the grandfather of 6. I am a proud member of Holy Ghost Catholic Church. I am retired from Shell Chemical Company after 32.5 years. I am a graduate of Hammond High School and Southeastern Louisiana University with a B.A. in Marketing. I am a member of Hammond Rotary Club, Lion Athletic Association and the Hammond City Club. I have engaged in this public service in order to help make a better quality of life in Tangipahoa Parish for all of our citizens.

In the last 8 years, I have served on numerous boards and committees while serving as your parish councilman:
-2 terms Consolidated Gravity Drainage District #1
-2 terms Rural Fire District Board
- Chair Rural Fire District Re-allocation Committee
- Member Parish Budget Committee
- Chair Development Regulations Committee
- Served EOP Review Committee
- Served Tangipahoa Library Board
- Member Tangipahoa Parish Economic Developmental Foundation Board
- Chair Council Charter Committee Review Board
- Member Litter Committee
- Member North Oaks Hospital PFAC Committee
- Member Swift Water Policy Committee

In my capacity as a Parish Councilman, it has been my privilege to serve the entire area of District 8 which includes parts of east and south Hammond, parts of Ponchatoula and parts of Robert. District 8 is one of the fastest growing and most diverse districts in Tangipahoa Parish. The district includes farms, subdivisions, rural living, subdivisions in the rural areas, numerous businesses, a country club, hospitals, retail establishments, Hammond Northshore Regional Airport and numerous commercial corridors which include Airport Road, Hwy. 190, Hwy 445, Hwy 51 and I-12.

I am a lifelong resident of Tangipahoa Parish and have served on the Tangipahoa Parish Council for the last 8 years. I offer up my experience of the last 8 years and my experience as a Hammond City Councilman to continue serving you, the citizens of District 8.
I also offer my services full time as I am retired. I am your 24/7 365 elected representative. Over the last eight years I have worked diligently on the following:

Citizen interaction – I have communicated with and worked with the citizens of District 8 and addressed their concerns as related to road work, new and improved drainage, litter, public safety items, while also keeping in mind and addressing the long term future of District 8 and our parish. My vision is one that looks through District 8 while keeping in mind the best interest of the whole parish.

Infrastructure – I have addressed 23 miles of road overlay, micro surfacing and 3 course mix over the last eight years. Club Deluxe road project is progressing well and should be completed this year. Hoover Road is in the plan for upgrade. Highway 190 is now three lanes from east Hammond City Limits to Coburn Road. Turn lanes off Highway 190 were established at Industrial Park, Country Club Rd and Coburn. The Vineyard Road bridge is being replaced and should be completed in the next few weeks. Highway 445 from Highway 190 to I-12 was overlaid by our State of Louisiana partners.

Economic development – As a representative of Tangipahoa Parish Council, it has been a privilege to serve on the Tangipahoa Economic Development Foundation Board for the last 5 years and I have participated in growing our jobs and economy in this parish. Jobs are the
Key to our future. Growth is positive but must be managed properly always considering the quality of life for our citizens.

Litter – As your Parish Councilman, I have served on both the Tangi Clean Board and the Parish Litter Committee. Working closely with the administration, litter efforts have been greatly enhanced along with a Parish sponsored litter education program in the schools.

Term Limits – Strong supporter of term limits. Implemented term limits as a Hammond City Councilman and was a strong advocate of limits for the Parish Council. As a Parish Councilman, term limits were brought to the people and passed limiting Councilmen to 3 terms.

Drainage – As a Parish Councilman and a member of the drainage board and chair for two years, I have made this my number one priority. Working in conjunction with the Parish government on many of these issues, road side ditch cleanings have also been enhanced. With the citizens support and as a leader on the drainage board, we have cleaned over 300 miles of laterals and canals over the last several years in the drainage district at a cost of approximately $8,000,000. A number of these channels and numbered laterals have been in District 8. Among those are Selsers Creek, Skulls Creek, Ponchatoula Creek, Bedico Creek, Simms Creek, Washley Creek and a number of feeder laterals into these systems. Anderson Canal and the south slough have been dredged at a cost of approximately $2,500,000 as these areas are the recipient of many of District 8 channels and numbered laterals. I am working and will continue to work in conjunction with our Parish Administration to accomplish funding for a Parish Wide Drainage study and also funding for possible localized retention areas.

Land Use – This is one of our most critically challenging issues. In my capacity as parish councilman, I have been privliged to serve as the Chair of the Developmental Regulations Committee. As a councilman, I have been an advocate of managed growth in District 8 while balancing our quality of life in the district. I have also been an advocate for many changes in our development regulations that has lead to many changes, among those were a 100 year flood design for subdivisions. The biggest change has been in the requirements for development of major subdivisions (20 acres or more) that require approximately 80% of wetlands to remain in their natural state. This is a three fold effort as it keeps our land in its natural state, allows for natural drainage to remain in effect and enhances our quality of life in the parish.

Growth in our parish is a positive aspect but we must properly manage that growth and that is why I will continue to support implementation of our master plan for Land Use in our parish. We are a very diverse parish and this diversity of land use must be a significant part of this master plan. As your next Councilman, I pledge to continue my priority efforts in the drainage arena and the managed growth arena. While growing, we must respect the land owner and respect the quality of life for our residents. I pledge to continue to be available to the citizens of District 8 as your elected representative. I will also continue my efforts in Economic Development, Citizen Interaction, and Land Use. I also pledge my 100% support to our School Systems as education is the key to success in Tangipahoa Parish. As our Parish President says, “Thank you, the citizens of Tangipahoa Parish, for making this the best Parish in the State of Louisiana.”
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