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Thursday book signing slated for Zabba's new book

Posted: Saturday, June 15, 2019 | Views: 1310

Thursday book signing slated for Zabba's new book
Join us for the Official Launch of Kim Zabbia’s newest book JUST PAINT, IT AIN’T: Demystifying the Complex Marriage of Artists and their Viewers, Thursday, June 20, 5:00-7:00 pm at The Art Station, 146 W. Oak Street in Ponchatoula.

In explaining the book’s content, the synopsis reads:
Gallerists and Curators who troll the land of the Art Elite, would like us to believe that the Art World is too deep for mere mortals to comprehend, especially when they hear, “That painting looks like an MRI of my hip!”

Using the portfolio of her 40-year career, artist/author/teacher Kim Howes Zabbia simplifies the mysterious and funny art business to teach this awkward pair, Artists and their Viewers, to “talk art” like the pros.

Reviews are already coming in:

“In Just Paint, Kim Zabbia takes aspiring artists, collectors and art viewers on a journey deep into the subconscious world of her art and back again to more worldly advice on how to engage artists in discussions about their work and how to build successful art careers. Equally important, the book is filled with her exceptional paintings or, as she says, a poetic “hands-on expression of the soul” locked in a struggle between control and freedom. Zabbia gives readers an excellent guide to better understand art and artists.”
John R. Kemp, author and contributor to twenty books on Louisiana art and history, is the New Orleans correspondent for ARTnews Magazine and art columnist for Louisiana Life Magazine.

“In her new book Just Paint, It Ain't, artist, writer, and educator Kim Howes Zabbia explains the roles of artist and viewer and how both connect symbiotically with each other.  It's no surprise that art is a personal statement, but so is viewing and appreciating the artist's work, as Zabbia makes clear in her entertaining and very readable book.  In a personal and conversational style, she uses her own stunning work to support her ideas and shows that each of the roles of artist and viewer is crucial to the other, and that suppositions and established opinions can often change through dialogue to the betterment of both parties.  The many illustrations, all drawn from her work, act not only as a mini-catalogue raisonne’ but as pictorial examples of her arguments.”  
Eric Johnson—Director, Sims Memorial Library, Southeastern Louisiana University; COLLECTOR--Hammond, Louisiana

Books are also available on as well as local bookstores.
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