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Police ask for leads in drive-by shooting

Posted: Thursday, August 20, 2020 | Views: 2521

Police ask for leads in drive-by shooting

From Franklinton Police

Drive by shooting reported near Fairground Apartments and Franklinton Youth Baseball Fields

On August 18 at approximately 7:12pm, the Franklinton Police Department received multiple 911 calls in reference to shots being fired near the Fairground Apartments and Franklinton Youth Baseball Fields.

Multiple residents, including children, reside at the Fairground Apartments which is an established Drug and Gun Free Zone.

During the time of the shooting, youth baseball practice was being held at the nearby park.

Witnesses heard the sound of gunfire and then observed a vehicle speeding by the park while a person holding a handgun was hanging out the window pointing the weapon.

The Frankinton Police Department is actively investigating the case and has presumptively identified a suspect. An arrest will be forthcoming as investigators piece together the evidence to secure a successful prosecution. Noone was injured during the shooting however the extreme risk to residents was severe.

"It is frightening to comprehend the mindset or lack thereof, of a person who so recklessly places the public, especially children, in a situation where they can be injured or killed. The complete disregard for the law and life in general is abhorrent at best. Our investigators will work tirelessly to bring this criminal(s) to justice and ensure they spend their time in a jail jumpsuit, where they belong."

As with any case, information and evidence is key. If you have information or witnessed the crime, we encourage you to contact our office.

Making communities safe must be a partnership between law enforcement and the public we are entrusted to protect. We depend on the public to provide information regarding criminal activity. If you want to live in a safe community, you must take an active roll in helping us protect it. Silence only condones future violence.

God Bless,
Chief Brown

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