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Two arrested for thefts from Robert area subdivision

Two arrested for thefts from Robert area subdivision
Posted: Mar 6, 2018
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From the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office:
ROBERT---TPSO’s Street Crimes and Burglary Units get a break in a six month old investigation related to theft and burglary in the Robert area.

Detectives began investigating multiple reports of theft and burglary from a subdivision in the Robert area in October of last year. Thousands of dollars of building equipment and materials have been reported stolen from new-construction building sites and storage containers throughout the subdivision.

A break in the case came on February 27, 2018, when the TPSO received intelligence that 45-year-old Jennifer Fraser of Ponchatoula, LA. was observed removing materials from the property on several occasions. As a result, detectives traveled to the accused’s Ponchatoula residence and knocked on the door. As Fraser opened the door to greet detectives, she kindly showed off her stash of new flooring supplies stacked neatly on the floor behind her. Seconds after Fraser opened the door they heard a loud noise come from the north side of the residence which turned out to be 32-year-old Ryan Galadora of Tickfaw, attempting to flee the property on foot. Galadora was quickly apprehended and returned to the residence.

Galadora and Fraser were issued Miranda rights before being asked specific questions related to the investigation. Incidental to questioning, Fraser, who is also the homeowner, admitted to traveling to the construction site multiple times and removing property. A search of her residence yielded two truck loads of building materials, appliances and home decorations being revered from her residence and outdoor shed. Fraser also attested to Galadora’s assistance in these crimes. Subsequently, Galadora disclosed of an additional location on Weinberger Road where they were stashing building materials. As a result of the search, detectives recovered enough building materials, appliances and home decorations to fully load an 18’ trailer. Following the recovery of these aforementioned items, detectives were able to return the property to the victim of the crime.

Over the course of the investigation, Detectives also learned of the whereabouts of the two stolen golf carts which were located and recovered. All of the property recovered was returned the rightful owners.

Fraser and Galadora were both charged with simple burglary with additional charges pending completion of this investigation.

The investigation into these illegal activities is still active and ongoing. Detectives anticipate further arrests and the recovery of additional stolen property.