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Sumner club looking for donated Homecoming dresses

Sumner club looking for donated Homecoming dresses
Posted: Sep 15, 2019
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Sumner High School’s Students Helping Students club is once again looking for ways to help students make the most of their high school experience regardless of their families’ finances.

Sumner staff member and club founder Tina Wages is asking the community to donate gently used homecoming dresses to help young ladies who cannot afford to purchase their own dress this fall. The teens will be able to browse through the donated dresses and “check out” their choice for Homecoming. The Monday after the dance, teens will return the dresses which will be dry cleaned and stored for use the following year.

“Most girls I know will never wear the same dress twice and the dress sites in the back of her closet for years,” Wages said in a post appearing on social media this weekend. She said she considers it a “privilege” to see the young women’s faces “light up when they finally find a dress and realize their families’ finances will not hold them back from attending the dance with their friends.”

Please contact Sumner High School at (985) 229-8805 or email if you are able to help. You can also drop off dresses at Sumner High during school hours.
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