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Southeastern offers Lion Ride Share to help commuters

Southeastern offers Lion Ride Share to help commuters
Posted: Aug 25, 2016
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HAMMOND – In order to help those struggling with transportation to and from campus following the recent historic flooding, Southeastern Louisiana University has created Lion Ride Share.
     “When communicating with students, faculty and staff who suffered from flooding, one common concern was finding transportation to and from campus after having lost their vehicles,” said Executive Director of Public and Governmental Affairs Erin Cowser. “Lion Ride Share was created to help facilitate a means for those who could use a ride to class or even a ride home for the weekend to help with recovery work.”
     Both those in need of a ride and those willing to share a ride are invited to connect with fellow students, faculty and staff members through the website
     As an added bonus, Lion Ride Share allows users to determine their own criteria for choosing a fellow rider.
     “We hope you find this resource useful. Remember to buckle up and Lion Up,” Cowser added.
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