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SLU chemist discusses wood treatment post-flooding

SLU chemist discusses wood treatment post-flooding
Posted: Sep 6, 2016
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HAMMOND – A Southeastern Louisiana University chemist will discuss the chemistry behind treating wood that may have been flooded at a free seminar scheduled noon Friday (Sept. 9) in Pursley Hall, room 211.

Georgina Little, an instructor of experimental chemistry, will discuss “Can Mold be Treated by Amateurs.”

“Many people are having to become mold treatment do-it-yourself-ers as they try to recover from flood damage,” Little said. “The internet is full of lots of advice on how to treat framing that has been sitting in flood water before adding new sheetrock. Unfortunately, even the more respectable sources do not agree on the best way to treat the wood; in some cases they actually contradict one another.”

Little will investigate the claims from a chemistry perspective and provide information on the biology of mold. This presentation will focus on the chemistry of some proposed treatments and whether or not the claims being made "hold water."
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