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Roar Network of SLU supporters warns of more cuts

Roar Network of SLU supporters warns of more cuts
Posted: Mar 29, 2016
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Late last week Southeastern received welcome news. The $70+ million remaining shortfall in the current fiscal year state budget will NOT result in additional reductions to higher education.

Southeastern will still have to absorb $2.1 million to make up for non-payment of the full TOPS spring semester funding owed from the state, however, that amount could have been exceedingly greater. While no budget cut is ever good news, we are certainly pleased that we are not also being asked to also take a larger cut to help make up any of the additional $70 million shortfall.

We are grateful to the Governor and thankful for those in Baton Rouge who worked diligently in order to prevent an even larger budget cut to higher education in the current fiscal year.

Our collective efforts can now shift toward addressing next year's budget shortfall, which is even more daunting. As Legislators work through the ongoing Regular Session and inevitably meet for a second Special Legislative Session afterward, we will keep our ROAR Network members informed and aware. With the need to capture and create new revenue for next fiscal year, your engaged dialogue with Legislators and decision-makers will continue to be invaluable.

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