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New Ponchatoula Police Traffic Division issues many citations

New Ponchatoula Police Traffic Division issues many citations
Posted: Dec 4, 2017
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From Ponchatoula Police:

Chief Layrisson reports the statistics from the first four weeks of the newly formed traffic division. The following statistics are from November 6, 2017 to December 2, 2017. These are from the traffic division only and do not include other calls for service.
*Total Calls: 463
*Total Traffic Stops: 405
*Total Violations Recorded: 1,040
*Total Arrests: 47 (17 Summons Issued, 28 Physical Arrests, and 2 Warrants Issued)
*Total Crashes Worked: 10

Chief Layrisson states that, “traffic violations have consistently been Ponchatoula’s number one concern and in order to tremendously reduce the number of violations and/or accidents and deaths, the administration has determined that it is in our best interest to establish a traffic division.”

This traffic division consists of four officers whose primary focus is on spotting traffic violations and citing those drivers who do not obey the traffic laws. This is in addition to the patrol officers who will be taking calls for service and also conducting traffic stops. The traffic division will rotate from day shift to night shift. They will concentrate heavily on school zones and Chief Layrisson would like to remind everyone that the use of a cell phone in a school zone is against the law. On the first day for the traffic division, 101 violations were reported. Chief Layrisson believes that this increase in officer presence will provide more safety to the residents of Ponchatoula.