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Louisiana Renaissance Festival in Hammond unveils plans

Louisiana Renaissance Festival in Hammond unveils plans
Posted: Sep 13, 2018
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November 3-4, November 10-11, November 17-18, 
November 23-25, December 1-2, December 8-9 2018

Featured show: Jousting

     Definitely the "go-to" show at any Renaissance festival, our authentic, full-contact joust stands out among them all. 
     Using the great warhorses and full suits of period-designed 16th century tilting armor, the New Riders of the Golden Age bring an unmatched sense of power and presence to the joust. 
    Yes, they run at each other on horseback with lances. Yes, they have at each other with swords. Yes, it's exciting stuff. Choose a champion and cheer!
      Our jousting show will be bringing the action to the Joust Arena all six weekends of RenFest : Nov. 3-4, Nov. 10-11, Nov. 17-18, Nov. 23-25, Dec. 1-2, and Dec. 8-9.

Alvon Brumfield told the Ponchatoula Rotary Club all about this Fall's festival: