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Hammond Westside students learn from SLU Nursing students

Hammond Westside students learn from SLU Nursing students
Posted: Dec 5, 2016
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HAMMOND---Southeastern Louisiana University senior nursing students created and implemented a health promotion project targeted to children in the community. The project was based on a mindfulness program being done in the Baltimore schools where children learn how to meditate and do yoga instead of being sent to detention. The schools have seen an improvement in behavior.
On Thursday, November 17, 2016 the nursing students taught the 4th graders a few breathing exercises, a few yoga poses, and how to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. The goal was to help decrease stress and improve health and cognitive abilities.
In the 2nd photo, the students made the teacher a jar with decorative sticks that each have a message of what was taught. That way, the students can continue to practice what they learned. Each stick has a yoga pose, a breath, or a positive affirmation written on it. So for instance, if a child is feeling sad or angry, he can pull a stick and do the exercise. The students took turns practicing, and in the photo, the teacher is choosing a stick to "Give herself a hug".
First photo (L to R): Donna Doussa, Andrea Robinson, Erin Brady, Jennifer Terre, Samantha Avera, Mary Wimbish, Mitzie Meyers (Nursing Instructor), Madeline Meyers (4th grade teacher), Victoria Reggio, Julie Smith
Second photo (L to R): Madeline Meyers, Erin Brady, Samantha Avera, Victoria Reggio
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