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Fidelity Bank in Ponchy adds Integrated Teller Machine (ITM)

Fidelity Bank in Ponchy adds Integrated Teller Machine (ITM)
Posted: Nov 12, 2017
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PONCHATOULA---Automated Teller Machines (ATM) revolutionized the banking industry in the early 1970s, but now that technology has expanded to offer a more personalized and robust experience for the consumer.

This week, Fidelity Bank introduced their new Integrated Teller Machines (ITM) at their Ponchatoula Branch located at 1639 Highway 51 North.

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An integrated teller machine takes the basic functionality of the standard ATM and improves the client experience. While ATM transactions are basic and efficient, more complicated transactions like having the machine dispense bills in a particular increment was not possible. Fidelity Bank’s Integrated Teller Machine allows clients to interact with live tellers via real-time video. ITM technology is embedded within the ATM so clients have the choice of self-service or connecting with a remote teller during normal business hours in a highly personalized, two-way audio/video interaction. Fidelity Bank has the new ITM machines located outside in the new state-of-the-art drive-up.

Fidelity Bank EVP, Chris Ferris commented, “Our Interactive Teller Machines are a win-win. The client benefits from faster transactions that are still personalized and the bank enjoys lower processing costs. At Fidelity Bank we are committed to consistently reviewing and improving our technology. If our ITMs are successful at our Ponchatoula Financial Center, I see this technology as a cost-effective way for the bank to expand our footprint and service offerings. We look forward to hearing the valuable feedback from our clients in Ponchatoula so that we may develop some best practices.”

Benefits of using the ITM include: No debit or ATM card needed since clients interact with a teller on a video screen, the teller can verify identity and dispense cash without using a card. Clients also enjoy enhanced withdrawal features. The client may select what increments they want the cash dispensed. Often a traditional ATM machine will only dispense $20 bills. Clients may make deposits and ask the teller specific questions about their accounts. A chat feature is available to offer a more private experience.

The Ponchatoula Financial Center Branch is open for more complicated transactions. Ferris added, “The outside ITM machines are available 24/7. The video teller experience is available during normal business hours; however if successful the ITM will allow the bank to offer more flexible hours. I can see us being able to extend hours at locations because the tellers work remotely. Really, this technology has so many possibilities and we are excited to be a community banking leader in this space.”

About Fidelity Bank
Founded in 1908, Fidelity Bank mission is HERE FOR GOOD. Fidelity Bank is an $800 million dollar in assets mutual financial institution chartered by the state of Louisiana with 18 branches throughout Southeast Louisiana. Fidelity Bank provides a full array of banking services, with high integrity and personalized service to communities throughout Southeast Louisiana. For more information, please visit www.bankwithfidelity.com. The Fidelity Bank in Ponchatoula is located at 1639 Highway 51 North.