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Crime in Slidell down more than 17% in 2017, SPD reports

Crime in Slidell down more than 17% in 2017, SPD reports
Posted: Jan 12, 2018
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Slidell Police Release 2017 Crime Statistics – Overall Crime Down 17.2%

Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal has released the Slidell Police Department’s 2017 Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), and has also included the crimes statistics from the past nine years.

“We are proud to report that, overall, crime in down 17.2%,” says Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal. Although Chief Fandal is proud of the drastic decrease in crime, he says, “There is always room for improvement. We are seeing an increase in armed robberies, which I attribute to the opioid epidemic and the drug culture in our currently society. The drug users are desperate to fuel their habit. We need to keep working together to find a solution to this problem.”

Crime reduction in the Slidell community is a combined effort of many different groups and factors. Chief Fandal says, “It’s a team effort between our officers and the citizens in which we serve. Working together through community outreach programs, homeowners associations, and our faith based organizations, builds trust. That trust helps us solve crimes due to people willing to come forward and cooperate with investigations.”

Reaching out and positivity influencing our youth is also important in reducing crime. Last year, Chief Fandal initiated a Kids and Police (KAP) program, which is a mentoring program to encourage positive interactions between kids and police. “Influencing our youth at a young age is important as it helps them achieve success and avoid negative behaviors. We are already seeing benefits from this program,” says Chief Fandal.