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City of Ponchatoula After School Program reports success

City of Ponchatoula After School Program reports success
Posted: Feb 28, 2019
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By: Kathryn J. Martin, City of Ponchatoula

Presidents’ Day would have been just another day on the calendar but Ponchatoula Student Outreach Director May Stilley says everyone worked together in the after school program combining several subjects to make it a fun learning event.

The object was to learn about the Presidents of the United States and particularly where each was born.

Using Mathematics, the students graphed this information, then analyzed it.

Next, each student was “given” a president, affixing his card on the graph in the appropriate state’s column.

Moving from Math and History on to Geography, each student then placed a star on that state’s location on a map of the United States.
In conclusion, they all watched a video about the office of President of the United States, listening for the names of their assigned presidents.
Math, History,

Geography and Government all at one time. What a way to celebrate a holiday. After all, there’s no rule saying school has to be boring!