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Bellisario will not seek re-election to Parish Council

Bellisario will not seek re-election to Parish Council
Posted: Jun 25, 2019
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St. Tammany Parish Councilman Gene Bellasario announced Tuesday he will not seek re-election to his District 9 Council seat in this fall's election.

In a statement sent to the media and his constituents, Bellisario said:

It's what we all strive for in our parish, our community and our families.
In my years of service to residents in Council District 9, I have given my all to preserving a positive quality of life for my constituents, and for the parish as a whole.

In so doing, I have come to realize I have inadvertently neglected my own personal quality of life. I have continually worked the issues year after year, devoting almost all my time to this "part-time" position along with many other non-profit volunteer activities.

Very recently my physician pronounced me in excellent health, and told me to feel free to run for office, but adding that I should "avoid stress." My pastor was equally positive, mentioned that I served my constituents well; and he also indicated that it might be time to let go -- take vacations, maybe international travel, and spend more time with extended family in other states.

Easier said than done! While serving as your council person, I never wanted to take off long periods of time. That's just how I am, and I know that won't change. If I served another term, I'd be putting family visits and travel on hold for another four years. As my physician put it, "But is that how you want to spend the next four years?"

Since last fall, I have been re-evaluating what I want to do, and I want to put my family first.

Therefore, I feel it's time to consider that "quality of life" issue for myself. Having thought about this since last year, and weighing the pro's and con's of four more years of service, this is the reason I have finally decided not to run for re-election.

I've enjoyed working with my fellow council members and staff, whom I regard as friends; and I have some special acknowledgements:

To my awesome constituents - thank you for your years of support! Together we have made a lot of gains not only for our area, but for the parish as a whole.

To the seven families throughout my district who were planning to hold Meet and Greet's for me - thank you all! I very much appreciate your support. You're the best!

And to my campaign staff, you're awesome!I offer my thanks and appreciation for time spent on my behalf.

At this time I will not endorse any candidate for the District 9 position. That will probably change. If it does, I'll share my thoughts & reasons with you all.

For the rest of this year, I'm always available any time. If residents of District 9 have concerns, or want factual information on any aspect of parish council work, please contact me directly by phone, text, FB or email.
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