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Attorney Jennifer Treadway joins Louisiana Treasurer's race

Attorney Jennifer Treadway joins Louisiana Treasurer's race
Posted: Sep 8, 2015
Categories: Politics
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Jennifer Treadway, a business and regulatory attorney, qualified for State Treasurer against 4 term incumbent John Kennedy today. She is running for State Treasurer to be the reasonable voice of the taxpayers of Louisiana. She will demand accountability for our fiscal future and aggressively protect and invest tax payer money to ensure our future.  She will use modern technology to develop a secure online system to refund money quickly from the Unclaimed Property Division. She will work across party lines to solve problems. Most importantly, she will use the authority as chief financial officer to protect the taxpayers from abuse of power by the Governor, state departments, and public entities on personal spending; demanding accountability and recovery from those who breach the taxpayers’ trust.  

“The failures of Bobby Jindal and John Kennedy as Chief Executives have kept Louisiana at the bottom of the good lists for far too long.  Their fiscal irresponsibility and tyrannical leadership have prevented Louisiana from progressing,” stated Treadway.

“Louisiana deserves a Treasurer who will focus on being Treasurer of Louisiana, not on seeking a higher office.  Louisiana voters need a fresh face with new ideas who can work to solve problems. Louisiana needs a real leader. I am that leader,” Treadway vowed.

For more information on Jennifer and her campaign visit
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