Wednesday, September 19, 2018

3rd-place finisher Bruce Clement endorses Cromer for mayor

3rd-place finisher Bruce Clement endorses Cromer for mayor
Posted: Apr 16, 2018
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Bruce Clement, the third-place finisher in Slidell's March 24 mayoral primary, has endorsed Greg Cromer in the April 28 runoff.

In a statement provided to the Cromer Campaign over the weekend, Clement wrote:

"The choice for the next Mayor of the City of Slidell is between two men who are not strangers to politics the needs of the city or me. Having had the opportunity to meet with both candidates to discuss their vision and plans, I have come to the conclusion that Greg Cromer's knowledge of city and state government, his corporate experience, and his education make him the best choice for mayor," Clement wrote.

"I'm very pleased to have Bruce's support going into the final weeks of this campaign," Cromer said. "I've known Bruce and his family for many years, and have tremendous respect for their contributions to our community and for the way Bruce conducted his primary campaign. I'm excited to have Bruce and Lisa and their children behind me, and invite all of Bruce's supporters to join our team."