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Miller: Tangi gets more based on Census

Posted: Tuesday, July 7, 2020 | Views: 1059

Miller: Tangi gets more based on Census

By: Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller

“Is there a way we can get more?”

In one of my many stops this past week, I was asked this question by a local resident who wants to see our parish thrive. Usually, that question involves some kind of infrastructure need. Now I know what you are thinking—and yes, these things do take money, but there’s a very simple way that we can all do our part to help Tangipahoa expand its services.

We need you to fill out the 2020 Census.

With all the things happening in our world right now, we haven’t had much time to talk about what the Census means to our community. Accurate population counts mean funding for new and expanded roadways, utility improvements, schools, hospitals, businesses, and so much more.

The first Census mailers were distributed right as the pandemic hit. Since then, about 63 percent of all American households have completed the form. Here in Tangipahoa Parish, we are just above 50 percent participation, but in some of our communities, we have less than 2 in 10 people who have been surveyed. We can do better. Our future depends on it.

This month, the U.S. Census Bureau will be mailing postcards to households who have not yet submitted their responses. I want to encourage you to do your part by filling out the form online at You can also call 844-330-2020 to complete the form by phone. If there is a high call volume, you can always request a callback for a time when it is convenient for you to complete the form. By the way, you will not be asked for any financial information or for your Social Security number. You will be asked for the physical address where you stay and for the number of people who were staying with you as of April 1. The form is incredibly short, and it probably will take less than 10 minutes to complete.

How can we get more in Tangipahoa Parish? A great first step is for every resident of this parish to get counted in the 2020 Census. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office at (985) 748-3211. As always, we are here to serve you, and I thank you in advance for all you do to make Tangipahoa Parish the very best!
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