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Thursday, August 13, 2020
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McMath wins Senate District 11 seat

Posted: Sunday, November 17, 2019 | Views: 1659

McMath wins Senate District 11 seat

Patrick McMath, a local businessman and President of the Covington City Council, has been elected the Louisiana Senate.

McMath defeated State Rep. Reid Falconer by more than 5,000 votes districtwide to win the Senate District 11 seat currently held by Sen. Jack Donahue. Donahue is term-limited from seeking a fourth term.

McMath ran second in the primary and was considered a “late entry” to the race that Falconer had basically campaigned for over the last four years. Falconer commanded the lead in the primary; however, McMath surged during the run-off period. He made big strides in Tangipahoa during the run-off at a candidate forum at Southeastern. McMath attended; Falconer did not, due to a "scheduling conflict." The forum, which was broadcast on the local radio station and filmed for TV, created much talk in the Tangi portion of the district, especially since Tangipahoa does not have its own home-based Senate district.

The Senate 11 district runs from Hammond to Slidell. While the lion’s share of the vote is in St. Tammany, Tangipahoa overwhelmingly chose McMath, where he won with with 64 percent of the vote in that portion of the district.

St. Tammany carried McMath over the top, offering a 4,000 vote lead over Falconer, who spent much of the night trying to overcome deficits.

A special election will have to be called to fill McMath’s vacancy on the Covington City Council. McMath will assume his duties as State Senator in early January 2020.

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20 AD NYL Gary Sandifer
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