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Slidell Police brighten Christmas for Little Addie with card, badges

Posted: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 | Views: 1355

Slidell Police brighten Christmas for Little Addie with card, badges

The story of little Addie Fausett, a sick 6-year old that lives in Utah, has captured the hearts of many. "Little Addie" suffers from cerebral atrophy, among several other symptoms, which causes her brain to deteriorate, resulting in a devastating prognosis for the little girl.

As Little Addie's memory fades, one thing she adores doing every day is checking the mailbox.  This has caused a movement of well-wishers worldwide, and the officers of the Slidell Police Department are among her greatest fans.

After reading Addie’s story, Chief of Police Randy Smith and the entire Slidell PD created a Christmas card and signed it, with the hope that it brightens young Addie’s Christmas.

The card was also mailed with a few Junior Officer Badges for her.

 “If a Christmas card from the men and women of the Slidell Police Department can put a smile on this young girl’s face, then it’s the least we can do,” commented Chief Smith.

“My thoughts and prayers are with Addie and her family.”

Read Addie’s heartening story at KTLA’s Channel 5 in Utah: Dying Utah Girl Hoping to Receive Lifetime of Christmas Cards This Year

Addie Faust also has a Facebook support page.

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