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Former prosecutor Julie Knight runs for Division F Judge

Posted: Sunday, April 21, 2019 | Views: 1527

Former prosecutor Julie Knight runs for Division F Judge

Former prosecutor Julie Miramon Knight will be a candidate for judge in the 22nd Judicial District, Division F. The District includes all of Washington and St. Tammany Parishes, and Division F will be vacated by incumbent Martin Coady, who is barred from seeking reelection.


Knight, 49, spent more than 16 years as an assistant district attorney, prosecuting more than 200 felony cases. Prior to joining the D.A.'s Office in the 22nd Judicial District, Knight was an assistant district attorney in Orleans Parish, where she prosecuted more than 100 felonies. In St. Tammany Parish alone, she earned convictions in more than 90 percent of cases she prosecuted.

Since leaving the D.A.'s Office in 2015, she has worked in private practice in family, civil, estate, personal injury and criminal defense. A resident of the 22nd Judicial District since 1983, she is a graduate of Mandeville High School, LSU, and the LSU School of Law.

She has been married to Scott Knight since 2000, and has a step-daughter and two sons - Sayler, 26, Logan, 15, and Gavyn, 11 - and a grandson, Grayson, 8 months. The family resides in Madisonville.

"My interest in law and justice began when I was a freshman in college, and I've been fortunate to work in the profession to which I have always felt called," Knight said. "In public service, working to protect the community from dangerous criminals and sexual predators - and to seek justice for victims of crime - has been an extraordinary experience. In private practice, ensuring my clients receive fair and just outcomes has broadened my vision and passion for the law. I am prepared to serve on the bench, and look forward to the campaign ahead."


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