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Entergy works to restore electricity especially in Tangipahoa

Posted: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 | Views: 1935

Entergy works to restore electricity especially in Tangipahoa
From Entergy:

The ice, winds, and increased electrical load associated with the winter weather that is moving through the area have caused widespread outages across the state. The associated low winter temperatures are affecting our system, causing outages and extending restoration times.

* As of 9 a.m., approximately 32,000 customers across Louisiana are without power due to the combination of ice, wind and increased electrical load due to low temperatures associated with the arctic front that moved into Louisiana.
* Our crews are facing significant challenges with damage assessment and restoration due to icy road conditions and road closures.
* Entergy Louisiana crews are focused on safely restoring power as soon as we can. In the meantime, we encourage the public to be safe and stay off the roads if at all possible due to dangerous road conditions.

* Increased cold load issues have caused approximately 3,000 customers to be without power as of 9 a.m. 

* Crews are working to restore power and will continue throughout the day.

In general:

* Extremely cold temperatures are also affecting our service territory. At this time, we do not expect significant precipitation, but the cold weather can lead to power outages, some of which may take longer to restore than normal.
* Extremely low temperatures at 25 degree or less causes abnormally high demand for electric power (higher than summer) that can cause isolated overloads of our power-distribution system. In most cases, we see extremely high loading in areas where our customers have all-electric homes.
* When power is disrupted during winter, many customers leave their heating systems and appliances turned on, creating too much energy demand all at once when we restore power. Electric heaters in particular can create a constant power demand, as they tend to run continuously and do not power off and on.
* We have devices in place designed to protect our system during times of normal, day-to-day operations and power demand caused by most types of weather or other contingencies. During weather extremes, we use a methodical and calculated process to bring customers back online after an outage, regardless of the initial cause, that differs from our normal restoration process and helps ensure safety and reliability for our customers and employees.

* Safety is always our first priority and we want it to be yours too. We urge customers to monitor the weather and implement their own winter storm plans.
* Call 1-800-9OUTAGE (1-800-968-8243) to report downed or dangling power lines, poles or other damaged equipment.
* Review gas safety tips available on our website and have a licensed professional service your heating system if needed.
* Don’t use candles or other flammable devices to warm your home.
* Check on seniors, who can be particularly susceptible to extreme temperatures.
* We know you want us to keep you informed every step of the way about our response. Here is how you can get information.
* Download our app for your smartphone at
* Sign up for text alerts. From your cellphone, text REG to 368374.
* Visit the Entergy Storm Center website and our View Outages page.
* Follow us on or
* Call us at 800-9OUTAGE (800-968-8243).
* Follow updates in your local news media, like radio, television and newspapers.
* For tips on battling winter’s chill, while still keeping a lid on energy bills, go to Entergy’s Storm Center at