Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Board, consultants shoot for June 5 to name new Superintendent

Posted: Monday, March 5, 2018 | Views: 2218

Board, consultants shoot for June 5 to name new Superintendent
AMITE—The Tangipahoa Parish School Board expects to name its new Superintendent on June 5.

After an extensive discussion Monday, the board (acting as in their capacity as a search committee) met with representatives from Ray and Associates, their consultants charged with managing the hiring process, who assured the Board that the advertising process can begin late this month.

Under the timeline proposed Monday, the application process will begin March 30 and run until May 3. The application process will take place entirely online, and on May 15, the consulting firm will present a slate of 8-12 pre-interviewed candidates who best-meet the guidelines for the position.

The board will tentatively plan to meet and interview that slate of applicants on May 21. One week later, the board will interview the finalists with the intention of offering a contract to the candidate who wins a majority of the votes of the Board by their June 5 meeting.

But there’s still a lot to be done in the interim. The Board was unanimous in their push for multiple opportunities for public input in finding that “right” candidate. The search firm committed to holding a series of meetings with constituents and stakeholder groups who will help identify the characteristics the public would want to see in their next Superintendent. Tentatively those meetings will be held March 21-22. However even before those meetings begin, the public will have an opportunity to take an online survey identifying what characteristics they think would best fit the next Superintendent and a questionnaire on the state of our parish schools. This process will help headhunters accurately target candidates whose skill-set best-fits this parish’s needs.

The advertising process requires a 30-day window of inactivity, so the Board does not have much wiggle room in finding their new CEO. Outgoing School Superintendent Mark Kolwe’s contract expires June 30.

Still to be decided is how much the Board is willing to pay their next CEO. Kolwe’s base salary is approximately $157,000 per year although he has not received raises through much of his 11-year tenure in the job. Dr. Bill Newman with Ray and Associates encouraged the Board to put their best salary offer on the table with the understanding that they can negotiate up or down when it comes time to close the deal with their top choice. The board agreed to meet again next week to set that figure, develop a list of community groups they would like polled for input, and specific qualifications that will be preferred in their choice for Superintendent. The board is also charged with determining how broadly to advertise the post and set a budget for those ads which could reach not only state applicants but also national candidates via a variety of education journals and other publications.