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Amite Community Center back in business soon with new AC

Posted: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 | Views: 3400

Amite Community Center back in business soon with new AC
Air conditioning repairs at the Amite Community Center are set to begin soon, after a special meeting on Tuesday morning, Dec. 16, where council unanimously agreed to the bid from Foulks Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating Inc.

Council agreed to business owner Joseph Foulks’ bid of $27,989, which will replace the current two, 15-ton AC units which have lasted the community center since 1977.

Though replacement parts and emergency repairs have been made over the years, council agreed that after almost 37 years, it was time for a new system all together.

Foulks recommended the Carrier brand of AC and its upgraded 15-ton platform, which will fit where the current units are installed now, though it will take some carpentry work outside in the units’ enclosed area, Foulks said. The old units to be moved out may have a scrap metal value of approximately $300-$400, he said.

The new system will include central wiring and some duct work, although Foulks stated that much of the duct work presently installed “is in excellent condition.”

The current AC for the Community Center is working at less than half of its capacity, Foulks explained. This is why even with replacement parts and emergency repairs, the center cannot stay cool with a capacity of 300 people or more inside.

Councilman Arthur Leonard was happy to hear the AC will be in working order soon, after a wedding at the community center in May left over 300 guests’ uncomfortably warm and stuffy without properly working central air.

Foulks estimated that the work should be completed by the end of January, which was good news for Mayor Buddy Bel who said February’s community center calendar is already getting booked.

This new system will have a one year warranty, in addition to a 5-year warranty on the compressor, Foulks said.

While heating upgrades were not requested by council, Foulks said those costs vary from a few hundred dollars, to another $1,000.

The Amite Community Center has played host to local organizations such as the Amite Chamber of Commerce, art exhibitions, theatre performances, weddings and parties.

Residents living within the Amite City limits can book the center for $500 per event, while residents who live outside of town may rent for $700.

Also discussed on Tuesday morning, council agreed to a liquor permit for Fox’s Pizza Den at 221 W. Oak St.

In addition, discussion is on the agenda for next month's meeting on January 6, to begin payment for architect Roy Hendricks who has completed plans for the future Department of Motor Vehicles and Amite City Police station.

Mayor Bel said the ordinance discussion is projected to make a payment of $7,500 to the architect which will begin to cover the $34,500 owed by the city.




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