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Hammond Police warn of Covid 19 scams

Posted: Thursday, July 9, 2020 | Views: 4169

Hammond Police warn of Covid 19 scams
From Hammond Police

Hammond, LA -- On June 23, detectives with the Hammond Police Department Narcotics Unit began an investigation into several scams that were reported to them. The scam involved different out-of-town sources contacting elderly people in the Hammond and surrounding areas. The sources would contact the victims via telephone and email with the offer of low interest rate loans. They would tell the victims that the loans could be completed over the phone due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

HPD detectives conducted numerous interviews and through further investigation, detectives learned that two elderly victims had applied for these loans and sent packages to the scammers according to their directions. Detectives were able to intercept two separate packages and identify the owners of the packages.

They also obtained search warrants to look inside the packages. One package contained a small teddy bear. Inside the bear was an envelope with $3200 in cash. Inside the other package was a reloadable gift card hidden in a book. Detectives were able to find the owners, explain how the scam worked, and return the money and gift card.
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