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Hammond businessman thanks first responders after I-12 accident

Hammond businessman thanks first responders after I-12 accident

Author: Anonym/Tuesday, December 16, 2014/Categories: Front Page, Business

Hammond, LA, USA was spared a tragic accident and I would like to take this time to thank our leadership in Hammond, Tangipahoa Parish and the State police for the way that they handled the recent accident of the 18 wheeler of gasoline that flipped onto its side and blocked Interstate 12 and caused many roads to be backed up with traffic at peak traffic times.

This accident could have been MUCH MUCH WORSE had the gasoline truck exploded; however, Due to the great work of our local fire departments and police departments this tragic accident and aftermath was limited.

Team Hammond jumped right on traffic control and did in my opinion a fantastic job of doing the best they could in a time of crisis. I could not imagine being on the fire truck that was going as fast as they could towards the accident scene when everyone else is trying to get away those guys are true heroes!

So thank you to the firemen, policemen and all of the first responders that did such an awesome job on December 15, 2014 at the scene of what could have been a VERY VERY bad day in Hammond USA.

 --Joe Mier, Hammond


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