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Southeastern confers degrees on more than 1,000 Saturday

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Southeastern confers degrees on more than 1,000 Saturday
HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University conferred degrees on 1,089 graduates Saturday, Dec. 9, at the university’s fall commencement ceremony.
Louisiana Secretary of Revenue Kimberly Lewis Robinson addressed the graduating students.
Robinson served on Governor John Bel Edwards’ transition team and was appointed to serve his administration in the key role of Secretary of Revenue in 2015. Before her appointment, she was a partner in the Taxes & Estates Practice Group at Jones Walker, LLP, focusing primarily on state and local tax matters, economic development financing, incentives and government relations.
Prior to joining Jones Walker, Robinson served as special counsel for the Office of the Governor of the State of Louisiana, where she provided legal counsel to Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and served as Senior Policy Advisor on Revenue, Economic Development and Insurance Policy. She also worked for six years at the Louisiana Department of Revenue, serving as assistant secretary for the Office of Legal Affairs and confidential assistant to the secretary.
Candidates for associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees were honored.
In his welcome, Crain noted that the graduates being recognized included 397 men and 692 women who were receiving 14 different degrees. The class included representatives from 20 states and 24 countries.
The university awarded its highest academic honor, the President’s Medal for Academic Excellence, to nine students with the highest cumulative grade point average in the university’s five colleges.
Medal recipients were:
College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences – political science major Stephanie Michelle Stafford of Ponchatoula, 4.0 gpa.
College of Business – management major Alexis Rose Taylor of Covington, 3.980 gpa.
College of Education – early childhood education major Logan Alaine Cancienne of Luling, 4.0 gpa.
College of Nursing and Health Sciences – communication sciences and disorders major Courtney Lynn Mayer, 3.974 gpa.
College of Science and Technology – occupational safety, health and environment major Oleg Balaban from the Republic of Moldova; biological sciences major Robert Burrell Carter of Greensburg; computer science major Christian Taylor Gonzales of Walker; information technology major Justin Dewayne Mclin of Livingston; and computer science major Prayush Pokharel of Nepal, all with a 4.0 gpa.
Students receiving associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees were:
Masters Degrees
Hammond -- Jordan K. Ahrend, Curriculum and Instruction; Antoinette R. Alack, Health & Kinesiology; Justin J. Albritton, Communication Sciences & Disorders; Madison E. Allen, Counseling; Christy N. Calhoon, Special Education; Sophie S. Dagro, Organizational Communication; Danielle C. Doolan, Counseling; Hannah L. Drude, English; Cody D. Godwin, Biology (Thesis); Victoria D. Grant, Counseling; Nagham J. Harmouch, Business Administration; Megan L. Jenkins, Psychology; Staci R. Jones, Nursing; Jang Hyun T. Kim, Music; Gregory A. Langham, Business Administration; Rhiannon G. Locatto, Business Administration; Constanta Lungu, Business Administration; Nicholas R. Mayeur, Health & Kinesiology; Chantal E. Parker, Biology (Thesis); Melanie A. Partin, Biology (Thesis); Kelsa N. Pellettiere, History; Shahab Rouhi, Integrated Science & Technology; Setare Sadeqi, Integrated Science & Technology; Matthew S. Smith, Health & Kinesiology; Joshua Sponholz, Business Administration; Martha R. Villalba-Guerra, Biology (Thesis); Jennie S. Weldon, Communication
Sciences & Disorders; Courtney A. Weyand, Biology (Thesis);

Independence -- Darielle B. Avant, Health & Kinesiology; Kalie F. Beckers, Biology (Thesis); Misty B. Mandella, Communication Sciences & Disorders;

Kentwood -- Emily L. Dykes, Counseling;

Ponchatoula -- Meghan L. Landry, Business Administration; Kyle W. Puissegur, Business Administration; Nathan C. Waller, Business Administration; Jesse M. White, Music; Paul B. Zundel, History;

Tickfaw -- Windy S. Vaccaro, Counseling;

Bachelors Degrees
Amite -- Eric R. Ballard, Middle School Education Grades 4-8; Samatha M. Corkern, General Studies; Daniel A. Dees, Criminal Justice; Jordan B. Giron, Accounting; Lauren V. Murphy, Biological Sciences; Courtney E. Ourso, Nursing; Devan M. Rodriguez, Engineering Technology; Peggy L. Schwander, Accounting;

Hammond -- Omobolanle S. Adams, Health Education & Promotion; Oluwafemi O. Akande, Computer Science; Tamara E. Alexander, Kinesiology; Elizabeth D. Amort, Communication Sciences & Disorders; Robert T. Banks, Information Technology; Daniel H. Barmore, English;
Jared C. Bickham, Psychology; Faith A. Bolling, Psychology; Austin A. Brack, Communication; Joshua W. Bremer, Sociology; Jami P. Burns, Industrial Technology; Brandon W. Burt, Accounting; Erika L. Burtch, General Studies; Lucia Bustamante, Management; Rachel E. Cadis,
Kinesiology; Christian P. Carlin, General Studies; Savankumar M. Chaniara, Accounting; Nikki A. Chrisman, Marketing; Andrei Ciolacu, Industrial Technology; Cory G. Clapp, Information Technology; Donald G. Cooper, Jr., General Studies; Jerome Crawford, Computer Science; Matthew Crayton, General Studies; Keisha M. Davenport, Accounting; Rachel D. Denton, Music; Taryn N. Dixon, English; Lauren S. Domiano, Nursing;
Also, Sanel Dragovic, Management; Natalie Duran, Management; Michael C. Eldridge, Biological Sciences; Ariel M. Ebanks, Biological Sciences; Tiffany N. Edwards, Health Education & Promotion; Sydney R. Ferguson, Biological Sciences; Jocelyn Forrest, Management; Jordan A. Gabrielcich, Art; Alex S. Gaudet, Industrial Technology; Stephen E. Gilmore, Social Work; Megan L. Goelz, Health Education & Promotion; Steven M. Good, Mathematics; Victoria E. Guarino, Nursing; Mckenzie D. Guillory, Psychology; Theresa M. Harriford, General Studies; Megan C. Harris, Nursing; Amanda A. Hebert, Criminal Justice; Nathan L. Hedrich, Engineering Technology; Alex M. Herbert, Biological Sciences; Devin K. Holck, General Studies; Bryce A. Hopton, Marketing; Kayla D. Jackson, Kinesiology; Zaveral J. Jackson, General Studies; Kasmira D. Jacobs, Communication Sciences & Disorders; Carly M. Jenkins, Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment; Gerriane D. Jones, Social Work; Ryan S. Kenny, Art; Kohl A. Kent, Communication; Caitlyn M. Kiral, Elementary Education Grades 1-5; Ragan S. Kofoed, Nursing; Kastin Kopecky, General Studies; Michael L. LaMarca, Sport Management;
Also, Anne-Marie Laque, Psychology; Landon F. Lauderdale, Business Administration; Cedric R. Leblanc, Sport Management; Seul Lee, Music; Katherine L. Lirette, Psychology; Brandon C. Loper, Kinesiology; Skylar J. Matte, Accounting; Carneshia R. McGowan, General Studies; Andrea V. Mena Hirlemann, Accounting; Nicholas A. Mesa, Criminal Justice; Brandon J. Messenger, Computer Science; Christopher P. Miley, Accounting; Subash Mishra, Computer Science; Courtany N. Mitchell, Kinesiology; Frank Mons, Psychology; Brinesha A. Morgan, Management; Charles W. Morgan, Nursing; Darby E. Murphy, Marketing; Ladashea Muse, Management; Angel B. Ockman, Nursing; Aaron T. Orock, Engineering Technology; Lester J. Palmisano III, Communication; Priya K. Patel, Management; Adrianna D. Peters, Health Education & Promotion; Elise M. Phares, Sociology; Prayush Pokharel, Computer Science; Nicole K. Quebedeaux, Management; Anthony L. Reeves, Information Technology; Kaylan R. Richardson, Psychology; Brandon J. Robertson, Family & Consumer Sciences; Melissa Robertson, Art;
Also, Caitlin E. Robinson, Communication Sciences & Disorders; Marina N. Rodriguez, Management; Travis R. Romero, General Studies; Marilyn R. Roper, General Studies; Meghan G. Russell, Marketing; Courtney A. Rutledge, Psychology; Yashmin Sainju, Mathematics; Megan M. Savoy, Nursing; Brooke A. Scallan, Health and Physical Educ K-12; Miranda M. Sciortino, Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment; Sandeep K. Shrestha, Nursing; Caroline E. Sibley, Criminal Justice; Deepesh Sigdel, Physics; Ryan A. Sigers, Marketing; Megan M. Simmons, Management; Sara E. Simms, Biological Sciences; Justin J. Sims, Accounting; Brittany M. Smith, General Studies; Wade E. Smith, Industrial Technology; Michael J. Sponholz, Art; Charles I. Squires, Accounting; Sarah E. Stone, Business Administration; Vy T. Tran, Criminal Justice; Garrett F. Tranchina, Business Administration; Riley Trisler, History; Michael A. Wells, Psychology; Alexis S. Williams, Criminal Justice; Kathryn A. Williams, Health Systems Management; Sungkyung Woo, Music;

Husser -- Eric C. Chapman, Business Administration; Amber R. Vernon, Nursing;

Independence -- Vada M. Crosby, Psychology; Hillary M. Jarreau, Nursing; Bryce J. Meilleur, General Studies; Kayla S. Petitto, Criminal Justice; Stormi Reid, Nursing; Courtney E. Viola, Nursing;

Kentwood -- Sarah B. Block-Lopinto, General Studies; Haley E. Brister, Marketing; Zachariah W. Cummings, Nursing; Trey A. Golden, Accounting; Donis M. Lambert, History; Matthew C. Lea, General Studies; Leonel Moreno Gonzalez, Spanish; Reagan M. Phelps, Criminal Justice;

Loranger -- Cody D. Addison, Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment; Tiffany L. Armstrong, Social Work; Ashlen F. Brown, Nursing; Devani A. Crayton, Kinesiology; Kimberly M. Duhe, General Studies; Jason J. Licciardi, Jr., Biological Sciences; Lyman A. Mizell, Kinesiology; Timothy P. Sander, Industrial Technology; Monique R. Tranchina, Nursing; Shayna R. Tycer, Biological Sciences; Kayla M. Wilson, Industrial Technology;

Natalbany -- Brandt D. Lamonte, Engineering Technology;

Ponchatoula -- Oleg Balaban, Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment; Brandi L. Bastian, Elementary Education Grades 1-5; Mariah L. Benson, Nursing; Errett T. Bentz, Computer Science; Taylor A. Berry, Art; Joseph B. Bourn, Management; Lacey L. Burns, History; Erica L. Caflisch, Marketing; Zachary R. Camacho, Sport Management; Troy M. Connolly, Nursing; Blake A. Cordoba, Industrial Technology; Megan E. Dettwiller, General Studies; Kristen E. Duhe`, General Studies; Kathleen McKenzie S. Flynn, General Studies; Ryan T. Fonseca, Sport Management; Chad H. Fuselier, Nursing; Brandon S. Gauthier, Industrial Technology; Amanda Gratia, Biological Sciences; Elizabeth J. Holland, Nursing; Christopher T. Hudspeth, Biological Sciences; Jordan M. Hymel, Accounting; Glenn T. Loup Jr, Mathematics;
Also, Megan L. Monte’, Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment; Sadey M. Pfister, English Education; Connie D. Rezentes, Criminal Justice; Ami K. Ridgedell, Nursing; Nicole C. Simer, Accounting; Talicia X. Smith, Mid Sch Spec Ed M/MOD Grd 4-8; Stephanie M. Stafford, Political Science; Gabrielle M. Taylor, General Studies; Ricardo H. Tenorio, Industrial Technology; Kristen D. Theard, Elementary Education Grades 1-5; Alyssa C. Ulloa, Biological Sciences; Hayley N. Ulloa, Biological Sciences; Allison N. Vergona, Health Education & Promotion; Robert S. Warner, Kinesiology; Rebecca L. White, Industrial Technology; Tykacchii J. Williams, General Studies; Joshua R. Wooley, Finance; Nicholas W. Wylie, Kinesiology;

Robert -- Tracy C. Giannobile, Elementary Education Grades 1-5; Kyle S. Rordam, Industrial Technology;

Roseland -- Breanna E. Prevost, Occupational Health, Safety, and

Tickfaw -- Tonykea A. Alford, Elementary Education Grades 1-5; Brighton M. Boudreaux, General Studies; Diontae J. Cannon, Health and Physical Educ K-12; Tanner E. Harmon, Engineering Technology; Tomas R. Herrera, Industrial Technology; Logan P. Lamonte, Engineering Technology; Rhesha S. Lamonte, Accounting; Shelbi R. Neal, Social Work; Stuart I. Wells, Biological Sciences;

Associate Degrees
Hammond -- Noah W. Courtney, Industrial Technology;

Kentwood -- Dylan P. Martin, Industrial Technology;

SLU SPEAKER – Louisiana Secretary of Revenue Kimberly Lewis Robinson addresses Southeastern Louisiana University graduates at the commencement ceremony on Saturday. (Photo by Randy Bergeron/Southeastern)

TANGIPAHOA GRADUATE – Kimberly Duhe, a general studies major from Loranger, waves to family and friends at Southeastern Louisiana University’s commencement ceremony Saturday. (Photo by Randy Bergeron/Southeastern)