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Ponchy’s Tucker Elementary celebrates Festive Fun!

Posted: Thursday, December 18, 2014 | Views: 1689

Ponchy’s Tucker Elementary celebrates Festive Fun!
This week has included lots of Festive Fun at Tucker Elementary School in Ponchatoula, La!

Teachers spent the week entertaining students by dressing up in Santa hats, Tacky Sweaters, and Santa's Helpers. Ms. Pitre, first grade teacher, won the award for best sweater, which included pictures of her students. Wednesday also included candy gram delivery by some special Parent Volunteer Elves!

Pajama day for Teachers and Students will complete the fun dress-up week! Happy Holidays!

Also, the Tucker Elementary annual bike raffle winners were Ayden Hernandez, 2nd grader from Mrs. Kelly's class. Kaylee Edwards, 1st grader from Mrs. Morris' class.

Profits from this year's raffle go towards the school's PBIS program. Several times a year, students with superior behavior are able to participate in fun activities.

Elementary School faculty and staff celebrates the holidays with spirited dress each day. Wednesday's theme was to dress as your favorite Santa's helper.

--Contributed by Krystle Hyman

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