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Washington Parish Schools get $354K for school safety

Posted: Monday, October 14, 2019 | Views: 2573

Washington Parish Schools get $354K for school safety

WASHINGTON - Congressman Ralph Abraham, M.D., R-Alto, announced this week that Washington Parish School System has been awarded $354,011 under the 2019 COPS School Violence Prevention Program to increase campus safety.

"I'm a strong supporter of the School Violence Prevention Program which was authorized by Congress in 2018 to improve the safety of our community schools," said Rep. Abraham. "The safety of Louisiana's children should always be a top priority and I'm happy to see these federal dollars going to work here at home."

The School Violence Protection Program provides funding directly to states, units of local government, Indian tribes, and public agencies to be used to improve security at schools and on school grounds. Awards include funding for coordination with local law enforcement; training for local law enforcement officers to prevent school violence against others and self; placement and use of metal detectors, locks, lighting, and other deterrent measures; acquisition and installation of technology for expedited notification of local law enforcement during an emergency; and/or any other measure that may provide a significant improvement in security.

This grant was awarded by the U.S. Department of Justice.
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