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Gasaway treated for curable form of Leukemia

Posted: Thursday, August 20, 2020 | Views: 2940

Gasaway treated for curable form of Leukemia

A Message from the Family of 7th Ward City Court Judge Grace Bennett Gasaway:

The family of City Court Judge, Grace Bennett Gasaway, released information on her current medical condition. She is currently hospitalized in New Orleans where she has been diagnosed with a curable form of Leukemia. She will undergo treatment for the next several weeks and anticipates returning to the bench in October. Retired Judge Ronald D. Cox and Judge Jeffery T. Ogelsbee have been appointed by the Louisiana Supreme Court to preside over City Court during her absence.

Judge Gasaway remains in good spirits and is in constant communication with the court’s administration assuring the court’s normal operation. Her family asks for your prayers and continuing support.

Judge Gasaway’s re-election committee, her family, and friends continue to work harder than ever to assure her victory on November 3rd. She looks forward to returning to the bench and the campaign trail.
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