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Free coding camp for teens at SLU July 20-22

Posted: Sunday, June 14, 2020 | Views: 2021

Free coding camp for teens at SLU July 20-22

HAMMOND – Southeastern Louisiana University’s College of Science and Technology, through the Department of Computer Science, is sponsoring The Lion’s Code CyberCamp. The camp is being offered free of charge as a community service.

The 100% online summer computer camp is a three-day, fun-filled, action-packed program especially designed for students in grades 8 - 12. No prior coding or extensive experience with computers is needed. Students with more advanced skills should also register in order to explore advanced computing.

Scheduled July 20 – 22, camp sessions run daily from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Although the program is free, registration is required no later than 4 p.m. on Monday, July 6, due to limited class size. Registration is available at

Instructor of Computer Science and Camp Coordinator Dr. Bonnie Achee said all student campers will come away with greater personal knowledge and confidence, as well as take their computer skills to the next level. It is a rare opportunity for students in grades 8 - 12 to work directly with Southeastern’s cutting-edge computer science faculty and IT professional staff, she added.

“The Lion’s Code CyberCamp introduces students to cognitive analysis skills vital in computer science through CyberSociety analysis and investigation of cyber scenarios developed by the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center,” Achee said. “These scenarios drop the students into the role of Department of Home Lion Security teams using critical thinking skills to solve the crime. Teams will be briefed by the director of Home Lion Security at the beginning of the experience as to the details of the incident. With Home Lion Security agents leading each team, students will use cognitive analysis skills to piece together the details of the incident and report their findings back to the director of Home Lion Security at the conclusion of the mission.”

Achee explained that students will also participate in a virtual “Capture the Flag” competition exploring data encryption algorithms, logic puzzles, cyber careers, and Southeastern’s offerings in these areas. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the camp.

Bonus activities include learning about the wide range of career opportunities in information technology and educational options to help students plan for the future.

For more information, email
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