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Former Covington Police Chief praises Mandeville

Posted: Thursday, June 18, 2020 | Views: 7095

Former Covington Police Chief praises Mandeville
From Tim Lentz

With all of the criticism police officers and departments across the country are receiving, I would like to highlight a department that has been doing it right for years, but first let me share a story.

I started my law enforcement career at the age of 20. I was so young that I could not legally purchase a weapon (you had to be 21) so I had to get my mother to buy my gun for me. The Sheriff’s Office did not provide weapons at the time. I had my mom purchase a Colt Python .357 Magnum for me.

I proceeded through my career I was assigned to the detective division in the late 80’s. Around 1987 I was staying at my mother’s house in Mandeville when someone smashed the window out of my unmarked police car and stole my hand gun and departmental issued shotgun.

I filed a police report with the Mandeville Police Dept at the time and it seemed like once a year, for the last 33 YEARS, I would receive a call from someone with the Mandeville Police Dept confirming that my gun was still stolen so it would remain listed stolen in the national database.

I am not sure how many agencies would continue calling their crime victims for 33 years but Mandeville Police Dept did. Under the leadership of Chiefs Buell, Richard and now Sticker they did it right.

Because of their continued diligence, my gun showed up in a pawn shop on the south shore a couple of weeks ago. Because of this department’s continued efforts, today I was reunited with the handgun that I started this profession with.

Surprisingly, the gun is in mint condition. To the men and women of the Mandeville Police Dept., who for the last 33 years, would reach out to me once a year, thank you!! To Chief Sticker, thank you for returning an item that has indescribable sentimental value. Keep up the good work!
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