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Five-time Tickfaw Mayor Lamonte sworn in: "I love this town"

Five-time Tickfaw Mayor Lamonte sworn in: "I love this town"

Author: Anonym/Tuesday, January 6, 2015/Categories: Front Page, Latest Stories, Politics

Anthony “Tony” Lamonte took an oath to support the constitution and laws of the United States on Monday night, Jan. 5, 2015 for his fifth consecutive term as Mayor for the Village of Tickfaw.

Thanking everyone who supported him in the most recent Nov. 4 election (and those before it) Lamonte said firmly, “I love this town. That’s why I work so hard for it.”

“I’ve got three good council members and a Police Chief I can work with,” continued Lamonte. “I’m hoping the next four years we see nothing but growth.”

Having been sworn in by Division K Judge Jeff Oglesbee, Lamonte thanked his wife, Laura, and his children for “putting up with me” and then apologized for just one thing—the very, very crowded Tickfaw Village Hall where so many had come to observe the installation.

Also sworn in as councilmember on Monday evening was incumbent Michael Fedele, a lifelong member of Our Lady of Pompeii Catholic Church, widely recognized for trekking the Mother of Grace procession in reverse while steadying the Blessed Mother statue.

In addition, local artisan and former mayor Stephen Galofaro also took his oath as councilman, and thanked the local citizens for giving him this opportunity to serve them once again.

Both Fedele and Galofaro’s aspirations for the budding town continues its promise as “a great place to be.”

Freshman councilman Guy Ribando joked that Judge Oglesbee saved the “best for last” when taking his own oath, but added that he “didn’t even get to vote for himself” on Election Day when a sudden trip to the hospital kept him at bay.

But that’s okay for Mr. Ribando, because that hospital visit wasn’t enough to stop him from taking his oath on Monday night in a snappy suit and tie, then enjoying the large buffet with visitors.

Village Attorney and Legal Advisor Maurice Trippi, along with the Mayor, also welcomed several dignitaries in the packed chambers which included Tangipahoa Parish Councilman Carlo Bruno of District 4, Parish Councilman Nicky Muscarello, Sr. of District 5, Justice of the Peace Terri Monteleone Crosby of Ward 6, and Mayor of Ponchatoula Bob Zabbia, who was instrumental in getting the town’s triumphant $700,000 water well grant which will begin construction next fall.

Also in the crowd sat Tangipahoa Parish President Gordon Burgess, a leader in Tangipahoa since 1976, and of whom Lamonte remarked “A lot of the work you see done here in Tickfaw is because he, President Burgess, helped us.”

Burgess said he and Lamonte have worked together personally throughout the town’s ups & downs for over 20 years, and will continue to do so for the village’s success.

*Take a look at several scenes below from AN17 at last night’s inauguration ceremony in the Village of Tickfaw:

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