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Fire Marshal continues burn ban

Posted: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 | Views: 1567

Fire Marshal continues burn ban

From the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal

As a reminder, the statewide burn ban coincides with Governor John Bel Edwards' "Stay At Home" order. If / when that order ends April 30, the ban will end with it.

Here are the highlights:

The burn ban is NOT for dry conditions

The burn ban is to keep smoke out of the air to prevent respiratory issues, from COVID-19 or otherwise, from worsening

The burn ban is to try to reduce the number of emergency calls for first responders to limit their unnecessary interaction with each other and the public

The burn ban does NOT allow using a fire pit, barrel or other containment method to burn rubbish for long periods of time

You ARE ALLOWED to use barbecue grills, fire pits and small campfires for BRIEF, RECREATIONAL purposes.

Local fire departments and governments CAN allow permissions at their discretion

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