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WPSO: Driver uses false name during traffic stop

Posted: Thursday, May 16, 2019 | Views: 2147

WPSO: Driver uses false name during traffic stop
From the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office:
Latita Robinson is the name she gave to Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office Patrol Sergeant Jay Dupre when he stopped her at 6:15 a.m. on Highway 21 north of Bogalusa. That name and the date of birth she provided could not be located in the criminal justice database. Nevertheless, she continued to insist that was her actual name and date of birth.

Circumstances leading to her May 15, 2019, arrest began when Sgt. Dupre noticed an automobile with emergency flashers driving north on Highway 21 at an excessive rate of speed. After verifying the excessive speed with his unit radar, he pursued the vehicle and was able to get the driver to stop. When Sgt. Dupre approached the vehicle he detected a strong odor of marijuana. The driver admitted there was marijuana in the vehicle, at which point Sgt. Dupre placed her in handcuffs and searched her car.

During the search, Sgt. Dupre discovered a bag of marijuana inside the center console and a small cigar containing marijuana which was located in a plastic ashtray. He also discovered part of a pill of Adderall, a controlled medication. The driver admitted the Adderall was hers and that she did not have a prescription.

At that time, Sgt. Dupre advised the woman she was under arrest and would be transported to the jail where her true identity would be revealed through fingerprints. Upon hearing this, the woman confessed that her actual name was Tharazun L. Armon, age 25, and that she was a resident of Bogalusa.

Once Armon arrived at the jail, she was booked on charges of possession of marijuana, possession of Schedule II drugs, speeding, driving under suspension and resisting arrest by providing false information. She posted bond and was released on Wednesday.

Sheriff Randy Seal commented. “This is yet another example of pro-active law enforcement. Sgt. Dupre’s patrol on Highway 21 yielded a good arrest and removed more illegal drugs from our community. Good job, Jay!”