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Woman charged after TPSO investigates alleged animal neglect

Posted: Friday, February 2, 2018 | Views: 9931

Woman charged after TPSO investigates alleged animal neglect
From the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff's Office:

LORANGER, LA –-- TPSO Sergeant Detective Jill Hutcheson, with the assistance of an investigator from the Tangi Human Society began investigating these allegations on January 4, 2018, when they responded to reports of animal abuse and neglect at a residence on Chappepeela Rd. in Loranger, LA.

When they arrived at the property, investigators observed several horses in a field and a few standing near the driveway. There were ten horses in total. All appeared to be slightly malnourished, some a little worse than others, A couple appeared to be studded and one named “Eil” - deceased.

After a thorough investigation, felony charges were placed on 31-year-old Whitney Null. The investigation revealed that Null, Eli’s owner, had knowledge that Eli was injured and struggling; however neglected to provide the proper veterinarian care, subsequently resulting in his death. Null is a resident on the property and is the owner of one of the nine remaining horses, and Eli.

Before Hutcheson left the property, she verified that there was an adequate amount of feed, hay, and water for the horses. Null was also mandated to have the other horses in question checked out and cleared by a licensed veterinarian within five days – to which she complied. Since that time, three of the horses were given to the Tangi Humane Society willingly by their owners.

The sheriff’s office receives reports of abuse and neglect on large animals several times per year where action is warranted; however it’s extremely difficult because we simply have no place to house them. Housing large animals, such as horses is extremely challenging after a legal seizure. We feel just as frustrated about this challenge as concerned citizens do. “If we had the resources and facilities we would take all in heartbeat,” says Sgt. Hutcheson. “We need help and space.”

Anyone knowing of local registered Equine Foster Homes who are willing to reach out to us is asked to please email Sgt. Detective Jill Hutcheson at hutchesonj@tpso.org.