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Two charged with kidnapping and home invasion.

Posted: Wednesday, February 19, 2020 | Views: 10416

Two charged with kidnapping and home invasion.

From Ponchatoula Police

Two arrested on Home Invasion and Kidnapping charges stemming from an unpaid bar tab

Chief Bry Layrisson announces the arrest of Charlotte Bossier and Harold Oliphant Jr. around 1:00 this morning after receiving a call of an assault that just occurred.

Officers learned that Bossier and Oliphant arrived at the victim’s home looking for his acquaintance that apparently did not pay his bar tab at Charlotte’s Web.

Oliphant physically attacked the victim while himself and Bossier forced their way into the victim’s home. The two then drug the victim around the house in search of the acquaintance but were unable to locate him.

Continuing to physically assault the victim, Oliphant removed him from the home and forced him into his vehicle to try and find the acquaintance at another residence but were unsuccessful.

Oliphant and Bossier drove the victim back to his residence, continued to threaten him, and then left the scene. They returned to Charlotte’s Web where PPD Officers made contact with them and were able to positively identify them as the offenders.

Bossier and Oliphant were both booked on the following charges: Burglary (Home Invasion) and Second Degree Kidnapping.

download the TPSO jail docket

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download the TPSO jail docket

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