Tuesday, March 19, 2019

SPD: Violent crime down 9 percent, overall down 17 percent

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SPD: Violent crime down 9 percent, overall  down 17 percent
From Slidell Police:
Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal has released the Slidell Police Department’s 2018 Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), and has also included the crimes statistics from the past nine years.

“We are proud to report that violent crime is down 9%, and overall crime is down 17.2%,” says Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal. Crime reduction in the Slidell community is a combined effort of many different groups and factors. Chief Fandal says, “It’s a team effort between our officers and the citizens in which we serve. Working together through community outreach programs, homeowners associations, and our faith based-organizations builds trust. That trust helps us solve crimes due to people willing to come forward and cooperate with investigations.”

Last year, Chief Fandal established a proactive “power shift” to combat crimes and focus on narcotics related activity. “Most of our violent crime is fueled from illegal narcotics. We are doing our best to crack down on this criminal element in our community, and it has so far proven to be successful,” says Chief Fandal.

Reaching out and positively influencing our youth is also important in reducing crime. The Slidell Police Department’s Kids and Police (KAP) program, which is a mentoring program to encourage positive interactions between kids and police, is instrumental to the future of the youth in our community. “Influencing our children at a young age is important as it helps them achieve success and avoid negative behaviors. We are already seeing huge benefits from this program,” says Chief Fandal.

Chief Fandal went on to say, “This year’s crime statistics are at a 10-year low for our city. Our officers and residents should be extremely proud of the work they have done. We will continue to move forward and work diligently to maintain the quality of life our citizens have come to expect and deserve.”