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Deputies looking for three who robbed Hwy. 25 Dollar General

Posted: Thursday, February 8, 2018 | Views: 4038

Deputies looking for three who robbed Hwy. 25 Dollar General
From the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office

On February 6, 2018, at 7:00 p.m., the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office received a report of an armed robbery at a Dollar General Store on Highway 25 south of Franklinton. Officers responded immediately and an investigation was begun.

Store security video shows three masked persons enter the business. Each was carrying a pistol. Faces were covered and each wore gloves to prevent identification. One of the robbers appeared to be female. The store was robbed at gunpoint along with a female customer who was forced to lie on the floor. The robbers took the customer’s car keys and tried to enter the car, but could not unlock the door.

The robbers got away with an undetermined amount of money and took a large amount of cigarettes from behind the counter. They moved quickly once inside the store and the robbery appeared to be well planned. After robbing the store, they fled on foot, headed south on Highway 25 to a waiting vehicle which was out of sight of the store.

If any person has information pertaining to this robbery, please call Detective Tom Anderson at (985) 661-2024 or send an anonymous email to the Sheriff’s Office website,

Sheriff Randy Seal wants these robbers in jail. “This is totally unacceptable for the honest merchants of our parish. These three need to be identified, caught and placed in jail. Please let us know if you have any information about this robbery. Look carefully at the photos and search for any clue that might identify the robbers. Help us get them off of our roadways and out of our community.”