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Crain elected Supreme Court Justice

Posted: Sunday, November 17, 2019 | Views: 1354

Crain elected Supreme Court Justice

Appeals Court Judge Will Crain will ascend to the state’s highest court, after he was handily elected to the Louisiana Supreme Court Saturday night.

In complete but unofficial returns, Crain defeated run-off opponent Judge Hans Liljeberg with a 57 percent to 43 percent vote in the six-parish district.

The vote seemed to follow the geography of the candidates, with Northshore-based Crain carrying all four of the “north lake” parishes in the district and Liljeberg carrying the south of the lake portion of the district.

Crain’s home parish, St. Tammany, led the way, giving him a more than 24,000 vote lead (64 percent). While he did not win Jefferson, Crain’s 31,783 votes there represented only an 8,000 vote deficit in which to make up. He did that easily in Tangipahoa, where he outperformed Liljeberg with nearly 13K votes, followed by Washington Parish where he had more than 9K votes above Liljeberg, and St. Helena.

Liljeberg carried the Orleans portion of the district by approximately 3,300 votes, but the deficit was just too large at the end of the day to overcome Crain’s hold north of the lake.

Crain's rise to the state's highest court means there is now a vacancy on the Appeals Court in our area. A special election is expected to be called and could be called very quickly. Politicos suggest that race could be as soon as next spring. Early forecasts call for 21st Judicial District Court Judge Beth Wolfe to be a possible candidate from our area.
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