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Club Deluxe roadwork will require road closures starting Monday

Posted: Friday, October 4, 2019 | Views: 3024

Club Deluxe roadwork will require road closures starting Monday

Expect closures at intersection of Professional Plaza, Club Deluxe Road starting Oct. 7

HAMMOND—Tangipahoa Parish President Robby Miller announced today that concrete apron work along two roadways that intersect with Club Deluxe Road work will begin Monday, forcing closures for those side roads for one week at a time.

Miller said the contractor will start rebuilding concrete aprons on Professional Plaza and North Oaks Boulevard at their intersection with Club Deluxe Road starting on Monday, Oct. 7.

The projects will be done separately, and each intersection will have to be closed during the reconstruction. As a result, the intersection of Professional Plaza at Club Deluxe will be closed from Oct. 7-11. Then the intersection of North Oaks Boulevard at Club Deluxe will be closed from Oct. 14-18. Closure dates may need to be extended, depending on weather conditions.

“This puts us one step closer to completing the Club Deluxe Road expansion project,” Miller said, adding that his office will notify the public if the schedule needs to be extended for any reason.

As it stands now, the expansion project remains on track be completed as soon as December 2019, Miller said.

For more information on Tangipahoa Parish road work, go to or check out the Tangipahoa Parish Government social media channels on Facebook and Twitter.

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