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Friday, September 25, 2020
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Clara Day announces for Justice of the Peace

Posted: Tuesday, August 18, 2020 | Views: 680

Clara Day announces for Justice of the Peace

MAUREPAS, LA --- Clara Beeson Day, a resident of Head of Island/Maurepas and a citizen of Livingston Parish for 35 years, is announcing her candidacy for the office of Justice of the Peace in Ward 5 (Maurepas/Head of Island area) in the election to be held on November 3, 2020.

“I possess the right experience and I am the right choice,” said Ms. Day. With an extensive legal, business and notarial background, Ms. Day has all the right experience for the office and is the right choice to fill the position of Justice of the Peace in Ward 5. She worked as a paralegal for 15 years, is currently a controller and risk manager for a large construction company for the past 15 years and has been qualified as a notary public with statewide jurisdiction since 2012.

“One of the changes that I will make as your Justice of the Peace will be to institute a website where forms and information will be readily available, filing fees can be paid online, court schedules and dockets will be accessible and contact with the office will be via email. This will save everyone time and streamline the procedures and processes. People’s time is money and making the office available electronically will make everything much easier for everyone. Of course, I will still be available ‘the old-fashioned way’ but giving the public this option will be very beneficial,” said Ms. Day.

Ms. Day also said “It is my intention to pursue and prosecute litterers to the fullest extent of my official powers and state law. Littering is becoming totally out of control in lower Livingston Parish, especially in our beautiful waterways, and something must be done to curtail this disgusting habit.”
Ms. Day has been a resident of Livingston Parish for over 35 years. After raising her children in Livingston Parish and seeing her son become a gunnery sergeant in the Marines and her daughter marry a Marine who is also a gunnery sergeant, she moved to the Maurepas/Head of Island community in 2012 and has been instrumental since that time in helping the community and by raising money for the St. Jude functions held every year in lower Livingston Parish by contributing her artwork to the auctions to benefit the children.

For more information regarding Ms. Day’s campaign and to learn more about her platform and thoughts on how she intends to conduct the office of Justice of the Peace in Ward 5, you can visit her Facebook page by searching for Clara Day For Ward 5 Justice Of The Peace.
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