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Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Judge Grace Bennett Gasaway has announced an Amnesty period for outstanding arrest warrants at the City Court of Hammond. 

If you have one or more outstanding arrest warrants, appear at the City Court of Hammond at 303 E. Thomas Street for amnesty.

You will not be arrested if you come to Court for amnesty.

For a limited time, some of the costs associated with warrants will be eliminated or reduced. If you cannot afford to pay your remaining balance all at once, that’s okay. The Clerk of Court’s office will work with you to set up an interest-free plan that will work with your ability to pay over time.

Judge Gasaway understands that financial hardships may get in the way of your ability to pay statutory fees and fines. Avoid being arrested and take advantage of the amnesty period at the City Court of Hammond to reduce your costs and make arrangements to pay over time. 

To see if you have an arrest warrant, visit or call (985) 542-3455.

Download the audio file of the text above HERE.