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City Council President McMath runs for Senate

Posted: Wednesday, August 14, 2019 | Views: 1125

City Council President McMath runs for Senate

COVINGTON---Northshore businessman and Covington Council President Patrick McMath qualified today as a candidate for the State Senate. McMath will seek the District 11 seat in the upper chamber.

“From Abita Springs to Hammond, Lacombe to Robert, Mandeville to Loranger, Folsom to Madisonville, and Covington to Ponchatoula – Senate District 11 has unique needs; but, with the right leadership, solvable problems,” said McMath. “That is why, after strong encouragement from Northshore business and community leaders and prayerful reflection with my family, I am launching my campaign to serve our community as State Senator.”

Having served on the Covington City Council since 2017, McMath highlighted successes realized during his tenure on Council.

“I am proud of our work to lower the tax burden on families and businesses and pass balanced budgets that prioritize infrastructure improvements, flooding mitigation, and public safety,” said McMath. “But, I acknowledge that there is only so much that can be done in my current role. If we, as a community, want to finally fix our infrastructure problems and want to ensure our tax dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively, then we need a proven leader who knows the issues and is willing to boldly offer solutions to the problems we face. I will be that State Senator.”

McMath also highlighted strong differences with his opposition.

“Elected officials should be about public service not political promotion or self-interest,” said McMath. “My opponent has been in one government position or another over the last two decades while our roads have been failing, our traffic has been worsening, and our neighborhoods have been flooding – I bring a fresh, new, conservative voice to the table.

I also offer proven business leadership to our neighbors, a stark contrast from my opponent who has been way too weak in supporting Louisiana businesses. As State Senator, I will be unwavering and unapologetic in fighting for our job creators and their employees.”

In concluding his announcement, McMath highlighted his deep connection with the community he seeks to represent in the Senate.

“I grew up in the district, went to school in the district, served as an assistant district attorney in the district, create jobs in the district, and raise my family in the district,” said McMath. “My passion for this community is unquestionable, and I will work tirelessly to ensure it is the best it can be today and long in the future.”
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