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C.B. Forgotston: LA taxpayers suffering "tax fatigue"

C.B. Forgotston: LA taxpayers suffering "tax fatigue"

Author: Anonym/Friday, January 2, 2015/Categories: Front Page, Latest Stories, Politics

There is an interesting analysis of the failure of recent tax propositions on the ballot in Livingston Parish.

A similar taxpayer revolt occurred in St. Bernard Parish, last month.

Local officials offer various excuses for the failures such as not enough publicity. However those officials should look into the mirror. It is they who went to the State Bond Commission claiming emergencies existed in order to sneak the millages past the voters in low-turnout, special elections.

It is becoming obvious to everyone except our public officials that there is a “tipping point” for taxpayers shelling out more of their hard-earned money, especially in down economy.


Many of these taxpayer-funded services are truly needed. Those in charge of the various local taxing entities within a parish need to work together to determine priorities bases on how best to serve the public rather than selfishly considering only the wants of their own fiefdoms.

Additionally, the Bond Commission needs to define “emergencies” in its rules. Because the local officials don’t want high voter participation or because they waited too late are not emergencies. Most all local tax propositions have a known sunset date when they are initially passed.

It’s a new year; time for our state officials serving on the Bond Commission to step up to the plate and cut out the sneaky maneuvers by our local officials.

If you agree, you can find the names of the commissioners here. If they refuse, the leges must enact a definition of "emergency" into law during the 2015 Regular Session.



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