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TPSO, Processing Solutions save taxpayers $23K in 2017

Posted: Sunday, August 5, 2018 | Views: 1654

TPSO, Processing Solutions save taxpayers $23K in 2017
TPSO Chief Finance Director Kathy Stafford and Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards stand with David Gueldner and Derrick Hess, owners of Processing Solutions, Inc., who in 2017 helped TPSO save more than $23,000 in their property tax division. Gueldner said the Sheriff has accomplished three major goals for Tangipahoa Parish by cutting his operating budget, saving the taxpayers' money, and boosting the local economy.

"This reinforces that our Sheriff is not only protecting and defending Tangipahoa Parish, he is also supporting the local economy," Hess said.

Processing Solutions Inc. is quickly becoming the premier electronic credit card and check conversion (with a guarantee) processing company in the Florida Parishes. The Louisiana-owned, operated, and managed high tech company is headquartered in Tangipahoa Parish, and in just three short years owners/partners David Gueldner and Derrick Hess have developed PROCESSING SOLUTIONS INC. from its first client and friend (Paul's Cafe'), to over 400 local clients and 30 active agents across eight states.

"In 2017, Derrick and I think we have accomplished, and in many cases exceeded all of our goals for our local clients here in Tangipahoa Parish. On average, we reduced our clients' credit card processing and their check conversion 20 percent! What would a 20 percent reduction in processing costs mean to your business?" Gueldner said.

Gueldner said Processing Solutions, Inc. has saved its clients more than $418,000 in the last year alone.

"We feel as though we have made a huge economic impact in our community, and our Parish. Anytime you can save businesses in a parish over $418,000, you have made an economic impact! This is real money that was kept in our communities, and circulated in our Parish; it was not paid to some out of state company never to return," Hess said.

If you are serious about saving money, and helping support your local , parish, and state economy, call Processing Solutions Inc. today for your personal one on one analysis!

Call David Gueldner at (985) 520-1810, or E-mail at or Derrick Hess at (985) 401-1178, or E-mail at